Azimuth GeoSolutions offers a full range of seismic imaging services in both Time and Depth, 2D and 3D, Marine and Land. We have coupled patented seismic imaging technology with a unique hardware infrastructure that allows for unparalleled high-quality delivery at a lower cost than our competitors. We put more compute resources per geophysicist than anyone in the industry ensuring rigorous real-time data testing, workflow analysis and optimum parameterization.

We are providing the advanced best-in-class seismic imaging and solutions services to the oil and gas E&P companies. We provide complete processing solutions from preprocessing to depth imaging from land to marine environment in complex geologic settings utilizing our advanced integrated processing technologies and technical expertise.

Azimuth GeoSolutions-AGT’s Proprietary Technology Service Offerings:

Time Imaging, Signal Processing

  • 5D Interpolation
  • Deghosting
  • Debubble
  • 3D SRME
  • Noise & Multiple Attenuation

Migration & Velocity Model Building

  • 2D & 3D Time
  • 2D & 3D Depth
  • Land / Marine, (NAZ, WAZ, Broadband, Nodal, etc.)

Research & Development

  • 40% of all capital is committed to R&D
  • Customer Focused Results
    • Rapid Technology Implementation – i.e. AVO Compliant RTM Gathers, Q
    • Nimble; technology roadmap adaptable to clients’ needs

Seismic Data Processing and Imaging

Azimuth GeoSolutions offers a true integration of teams, platforms, data and applications to help our clients create value by delivering to them fully processed seismic volumes that enable the reduction of exploration risks and the uncertainties associated with oil and gas field development.

We are committed to exceeding the expectations of all our stakeholders. We aspire to be demonstrably the leading integrated geophysical services provider in Asia Pacific and Middle East. This is achievable through our professional, dedicated teams and leading-edge technology.

Our services are offered in our processing centers in Kuala Lumpur and Dubai, also in client offices, and if required on third-party seismic acquisition crews. Azimuth GeoSolutions geoscientists combine expertise, innovation, and training with a global knowledge management network.

Forward Modelling Nova Seis FM

Azimuth GeoSolutions exclusive agreement with AGT provides access to the world’s leading forward modelling software technologies which is best in class.

AGT is a world leader in forward modelling software technologies having written a superior patent protected technology suite utilizing an efficient implementation on GPU hardware infrastructure. A large number of proprietary forward modelling projects have been completed for a number of large oil and service companies including a number of SEAM modelling projects.

Key features of the implementation of our proprietary forward modelling software:

  • Finite Element elastic solver
    • based on spectral element method with 13th spatial integration order
  • Acoustic and elastic coupling at seafloor to avoid stair-stepping issue as in Finite Difference
  • Superior handling of surface topography, sea floor topography, rugose surfaces
  • Multiple time stepping
  • Variable gridding
  • Advanced caching method (our patent)
  • MPI based parallelization (between GPU cards or GPU nodes)
  • Full physics (Acoustic/Elastic, ISO/VTI/TTI/Orthorhombic, Q)
  • VSP/Sea-Floor multi-component recording
  • Finite Difference for Acoustic simulations

Seismic Data Acquisition

We work with our clients to design and operate seismic acquisition programs that deliver the best possible seismic image of the subsurface.

Our skilled and experienced team of Geoscientists will evaluate and design a seismic survey that is optimized for the local terrain, QHSE, the environment and best possible illumination of the target.

With access to industry-best seismic survey design technology and a skilled team of geoscientists, we can deliver a seismic program suitable for the most complex subsurface imaging issues.

Our strength lies in the availability of experienced technical resources that are key to the pre-survey modeling process. These, coupled together with an understanding of the geology by our clients, ensures delivery of models of the acquisition program that solves the specific imaging challenges of the asset. 

Geohazard Identification

Offshore drilling can be a hazardous activity, where formations with highly pressured fluid or gas may be encountered that can result in a potentially lethal and certainly costly blowout.

Consequently, the identification of possible geohazards and mitigation strategies is an essential pre-drill activity.

The assessment of geohazards is usually conducted using high-resolution seismic surveys. However, in many deep-water exploration areas worldwide 3D seismic data are now routinely employed for site investigation work as well as basic prospect exploration as this helps to reduce costs.

Published guidelines and industry practice suggest that where 3D surveys have specifically targeted the seabed and near seabed section a vertical resolution of 6 m and finer is possible in water depths greater than 500 m. This is comparable to a conventional site survey vertical resolution of 4-5 meters.

Azimuth GeoSolutions offers fast turnaround high-resolution seismic processing of suitable available seismic data for Geohazard identification.


Work in progress and soon a list of all available Geophysical, Geological, Seismic Interpretation, Reservoir Geophysics, Petrophysics, Well Technology, Basin Modelling, Geomodelling, Depositional Facies Mapping, Well Log Correlation and Sequence Stratigraphy consultancy services will be offered for risk reduction in exploration, appraisal and development projects.


Currently the following courses are available:

  • The Practice and Theory of Depth Imaging
  • Basic and Advanced Quantitative Interpretation (QI)
  • Introduction to Petroleum Engineering
  • Well Design
  • Well Components
  • Well Integrity
  • Interventions & Workovers

Additionally, new training courses are being prepared which will soon be offered for both technical and soft skills.

For further information please email us at [email protected]