Azimuth GeoSolutions proprietary SEIS2LOG reservoir characterization Machine Learning technology is gathering considerable interest in the industry.

The tool is focused on both development and exploration geophysics using existing petrophysical data in conjunction with seismic attributes (post or prestack) to predict spatial and temporal reservoir petrophysical log values, e.g. sonic, density, resistivity, neutron, etc. The deliverable is a segy that can be loaded on a workstation and viewed and interpreted by a geophysicist/geologist/petrophysicist.

The available tools can generate a neutron volume, and a density volume, and the interpreter would load both volumes to look for cross overs to detect gas zones in clastics environment. The tools used would be similar to those of interpreting the near/mid/far volumes of AVO.

Adittionally, we can produce a gamma ray volume and use the optical filtering of interpretation workstations, to only display the gamma ray values less than, say, 70 to indicate sand bodies.

Geoscientists are able to use the existing tools of interpretation workstation to pick, grid, and map reservoir log parameters on every single seismic trace. Compare this to making an interpretation on only the available well logs with their spatial sparsity.

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