We were pleased to be invited by EAGE-UTP-SC  to deliver our first webinar and knowledge sharing on Machine Learning Applications in Development Geophysics (Part 1) by utilizing our SEIS2LOG advanced reservoir characterization Machine Learning tools, which was held on 19th August 2020. SEIS2LOG reservoir characterization Machine Learning is a tool that focuses on exploration and development geophysics using existing petrophysical data in conjunction with seismic attributes.

The sharing session was given by Sami Elkurdy, an expert in the oil and gas industry with over 40 years of experience and who is the lead geophysicist also a technical expert on Machine Learning/Deep Learning at Azimuth GeoSolutions. It was an indeed a very successful talk with 35 students attending, including lecturers from Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) who also took part in the Q&A session. Our sincere thanks to the organizers at UTP for arranging such a great online event and to everyone who joined the talk.

The presentation focussed on the fundamentals of Machine Learning and Deep Learning on how and where it can be used in Geoscience studies, such as prediction of spatial & temporal reservoir petrophysical log values, and also how to generate neutron and density volumes including other attributes that G&G experts would require in order to de-risk their oil and gas prospects.

We shall be conducting the next level of Machine Learning Applications in Development Geophysics Part 2 with Sami ElKurdy during the 1st week of September. Stay tuned!

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