Azimuth Geosolutions have partnered with Tech Limit and with the University of Adelaide, and Deep Coal Technologies to offer a multi-disciplinary PhD project utilising cutting edge technologies to evaluate the untapped resources of a new concept deep coal gas play.  

Officially titled…. “Comparison of methods for identifying optimal stress conditions within the Nappamerri Trough, Cooper Basin for exploiting ultra-deep coal seems using Expanding Reservoir Boundary Theory”  ….this project will apply aspects of geophysics, geomechanics and machine learning to assess an innovative new play type.

Combined distribution and thickness of the Nappamerri Group in the Cooper sub-region (

Static geomechanical models will be generated from inverted seismic data (deterministic, geostatistical, and lithology/facies based methods) as well as a novel machine learning technique driven by artificial intelligence using seismic and log data  (SEIS2LOG – Machine Learning Technology – Azimuth GeoSolutions).

Predictions made using these techniques will be compared and confirmed against existing well data to measure accuracy, prove the validity of the A.I. approach and identify the optimal workflow for deriving horizontal stress maps that capture lateral property and stress variations.  These maps will be used in combination with other key data to identify optimal conditions for targeting deep coals, maximising the stimulated reservoir volume and contribute to establishing a new coal gas paradigm.